Month: August 2012

Bald Eagle Project Expanding Wingspan

This bald eagle project is taking off and soaring to some massive new heights. In my classroom we have been brainstorming with local experts and community members to making this project one of the best services we can offer. Students will be introduced to everything in a few weeks and we are anxious to get started. As my classroom develops new ideas, projects, artwork, interviews, etc. we will be sharing all of this on our wiki page –

Our wiki page is also the main headquarters to the collaboration project that will begin in January. We are still waiting for our first classroom to join us on this adventure. We really want to work with other students from all over and create a network of students, classes, teachers, etc. to not only enhance our knowledge and understanding of bald eagles and nature, but to enhance our 21st century skills and our soft skills.

In the meantime we would love for other classes to begin to join us through some basic networking via the wiki, this blog, Twitter, email, etc. At this time we would love it if anyone who is interested could provide

  • Artwork/models/drawings
  • Experts on eagles from around the world(interviews, Skype calls, testimony, etc.)
  • Ideas on how to track our eagles from the bald eagle camera so we can chart their flight
  • Collaboration with teachers before the project begins to discuss ideas, classroom ideas, etc.
  • What your classroom is currently studying or what you plan to study when it comes to bald eagles
  • Anything else that you might think would enhance this project and opportunity for students to learn about bald eagles as well as developing 21st century skills.

We await to hear from our first class. Contact Mr. Maurer with any questions at

Check out the wiki and consider joining the project

If you have any advice, suggestions, questions, etc. send them our way.

In the meantime we will anxiously await to hear from anyone as well as the bald eagle camera to be fixed so we can start our eagle viewing journey.



Vote For Favorite Bald Eagle Artwork For Project Artwork

Thanks to Pat and Emma who devoted some of their free time creating some amazing artwork for some possible logos for the Alcoa – An Eagle Eye To The World online collaboration project. This project is really getting underway even though we don’t start until January.
Below are three bald eagle pieces of artwork. Check them out and please vote for your favorite image that you think we should use as the project logo. The one with the most votes will be the one we use on the wiki, web, blog, newsletters, etc. We appreciate you taking time to vote.
As always, please consider joining us for this soon to be amazing project. My class is going to be doing some amazing things on top of the online component that you will not want to miss. These details will be coming out soon as soon as we verify a few things. This might be the biggest project I have tackled in my teaching, but also the coolest thing ever!
So, check the artwork and vote using the poll below the artwork. Spread the word like eagles spread their wings.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

A Trip To The Eagle Nest

In the middle of July, the team of educators and college mentors met at ALCOA to check our the bald eagle nest and camera that this project will focus around come January. I think this trip provided an invaluable experience to gain a sense of how big the nest actually is and all the other amazing details that come with having a bald eagle in your backyard.

Here are some observations from the team that attended along with some pictures to generate your interest

Larry(retired science teacher)

I hope that you can take a “little feedback” from all participants “that day”! What stands out from my visit (photo’s will support this), was the height of the nest, and size! It was not an extremely tall or wide nest (which can vary)! It was, however, quite a distance off the ground (guessing 60-100ft.! The eagles will tend to add to the nest yearly, if I’m not mistaken! It was tucked away in a “V-shaped cavity” of supporting limbs. What I also thought interesting was the “casting/debris ” below the tree! Anything from the remains of a box turtle, fish, feathers, etc. Thus, those “indicators” of eagle habits and habitat!

Emma(college mentor)

The nest, which was safely gated from the public, was much bigger than I expected it to be, even from our spot on the ground. But what really amazed me was how carefully crafted their nest was. I would almost like to see them build their nest. Not only is it their home, but it’s like a piece of artwork too! It was also pretty cool that the nest had depth to it, it dipped down in the middle creating what could closely resemble a basket. Down below the nest was an assortment of different things the eagles had been eating. Bald eagle’s are amazing birds, but they sure don’t know how to clean up after themselves! Positioned up by the nest was the camera. I wondered how the bald eagle’s felt about this little white box invading their space. They didn’t seem to mind it too much because it wasn’t destroyed yet!

Check out the link to some other pictures. (

As others chime in on what they learned I will post their thoughts as well. Don’t forget to check out the project page and consider joining.

Aaron Maurer

Welcome To The Alcoa – An Eagle Eye To The World Blog

Hello! This is Aaron Maurer welcoming everyone to the the blog dedicated to bald eagles. Starting in Januaray of 2013 we will be running an online collaborative project dealing with bald eagles utilizing the Bald Eagle Camera located at ALCOA in the Quad Cities.

The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone updated and informed on the daily activities and production of this project. As of right now the project is now available for teachers to sign up and be part of this new project. You can check out the wiki now and learn more about the project –

I hope that you consider joining us as we try something new. There are a lot of people helping to make sure this project works. Aside from what you see on the wiki, there will be much more added as things begin to unfold.

The other purpose of this blog is for other classrooms, students, teachers, etc. to post their journey about the discovery and amazing life of the bald eagles. I am strongly encouraging guest bloggers to share what they are doing in their classrooms and the learning taking place. I don’t want to be the only voice on this blog.

Until things start to take off I just want to welcome everyone. If you have suggestions, ideas, questions, a blog post to share, pictures, etc. please send them my way as I would love to expand the network and wealth of knowledge.

This project is only going to expand to become something SUPER AWESOME!!!!

Come join us!

Aaron Maurer