Bald Eagle Project Expanding Wingspan

This bald eagle project is taking off and soaring to some massive new heights. In my classroom we have been brainstorming with local experts and community members to making this project one of the best services we can offer. Students will be introduced to everything in a few weeks and we are anxious to get started. As my classroom develops new ideas, projects, artwork, interviews, etc. we will be sharing all of this on our wiki page –

Our wiki page is also the main headquarters to the collaboration project that will begin in January. We are still waiting for our first classroom to join us on this adventure. We really want to work with other students from all over and create a network of students, classes, teachers, etc. to not only enhance our knowledge and understanding of bald eagles and nature, but to enhance our 21st century skills and our soft skills.

In the meantime we would love for other classes to begin to join us through some basic networking via the wiki, this blog, Twitter, email, etc. At this time we would love it if anyone who is interested could provide

  • Artwork/models/drawings
  • Experts on eagles from around the world(interviews, Skype calls, testimony, etc.)
  • Ideas on how to track our eagles from the bald eagle camera so we can chart their flight
  • Collaboration with teachers before the project begins to discuss ideas, classroom ideas, etc.
  • What your classroom is currently studying or what you plan to study when it comes to bald eagles
  • Anything else that you might think would enhance this project and opportunity for students to learn about bald eagles as well as developing 21st century skills.

We await to hear from our first class. Contact Mr. Maurer with any questions at

Check out the wiki and consider joining the project

If you have any advice, suggestions, questions, etc. send them our way.

In the meantime we will anxiously await to hear from anyone as well as the bald eagle camera to be fixed so we can start our eagle viewing journey.



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