Quail Egg Hatching Update

Yesterday (Wednesday, October 17th) was the day of hatching. Based on the 23 day incubation cycle that quail eggs follow we were to have some quail out and about yesterday.
Many of you tuned in to the live feed and thank you so much for doing so. I know there was a lot of anticipation, but we did not have any quail successful break on through.
This does not mean that all is lost.
At around 5:30 am yesterday we had signs in three eggs by observing cracks in the shell like below(top egg in the right hand corner).
Throughout the rest of the day we did not see much action. When I arrived at home that night and checked there was not much improvement of the process.
This morning I noticed that the quail were back at it
You can see the egg bottom right has more cracks than yesterday.
Also, I was able to hear the quail chirping and making noise.
At this point I believe that we have a chance for at least one quail to hatch. When I left for school this morning the egg was moving like crazy. I hope this is a sign that the quail is still strong and able to break through the membrane.
If this little guy does not make it, then I am assuming that this batch is a lost cause, but important learning experience. We did however, separate our quail eggs so we were not putting all our eggs in one basket(nice pun!). In the incubator that Mr. Collet kept at his house he informed me that he had two quail hatch yesterday. We have another incubator at the bus barn as well. We have success and I just hope this one on the live feed will make it so we can experience the process.
I will keep everyone updated as much as I can.
Here is the live feed link – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aaronmaurer161
Here is the link to our project on bald eagles. Please consider joining us – http://eagleeyecamera.wikispaces.com/


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