Bettendorf, Iowa Students Eagle Learning Updates

This week the students in Bettendorf, Iowa are currently underway in connecting with students from around the world to study and learn about bald eagle. This week student have been place into their teams where they will work to create an online presentation on their given topic.

Additionally, these students are also using the theme of bald eagles as their independent study projects where they will be creating a museum/showcase that will be available for the public to come view.

Here are a few statements typed up during class today from students about what they are currently learning and doing while in class.

Ashley, grade 5 – I’m learning about how the bald eagle’s wings work,and the normal size and color. I learned that adult bald eagles have dark brown wings.

Will, grade 5 – I’ve been contacting experts on raptors. I learned that raptors is one who kills with it’s feet, talon, or beak. I also learned that raptors are not just birds but can be from a dinosaur to a owl.

Emma, grade 5 – I’m learning about the digestive system of the Bald Eagle. It is very interesting, one really interesting thing that I learned is that when the Bald Eagles swallow their food, it goes into a little pouch called a crop which softens the food before it is digested.

Caitlyn, grade 5-In ELP I am learning about photography of eagles for my independent study. I love to use the Alcoa Bald Eagle Cam, it is very interesting to watch and I can use some of the many things they build to get a little deeper into my photography learning.

Brooke, grade 5- I’m learning about the protection laws of the eagle. One fact is that the eagle was put on the endangerment list in 1967, but they were taken off it in 2007. The bald eagle was taken off of the endangerment list but they are still protected under bald and golden eagle act. I think this eagle project is very fun because I have learned about so many different things.

We will continue to have students share their learning process each class from here on out. Stay tuned each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We will have different students type up statements each class period.

Have a great weekend!


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