4th Grade Bettendorf Students, Learning Update 1.28.13

Another week in the ELP classroom in Bettendorf, Iowa. This week students will continue connecting with students from around the world to study and learn about bald eagles. Students have been placed in their global teams and this week they will begin to research and gather facts on their team topics.

The topics for this project are

  • Birds of Prey
  • Habitat
  • Symbolism and cultural influence of the bald eagle
  • Protection and laws for bald eagle
  • Lifespan of a bald eagle
  • Anatomy of a bald eagle

Additionally, these students are also using the theme of bald eagles as their independent study projects where they will be creating a museum/showcase that will be available for the public to come view.

Here are a few statements typed up during class today from students about what they are currently learning and doing while in class. 

Stephanie, Grade 4 – My project is about how birds fly. Did you know that humans       learned how to fly airplanes by watching birds?

Sophie, grade 4- My project is on the protection and laws of bald eagles. I’ve learned that the pesticide DDT was one of the main reasons the bald eagles became endangered. I can’t wait until our presentations on our independent study to come.

Graham, grade 4 – I love birds of prey.They are unique and they are all over the place. I am doing a eagle project on the eagle’s beak and talons. I think we should have Bald Eagle Day. Eagle’s should get more attention. I can’t wait to show every one my surprise on my project. See you soon.

Jason,grade 4-I think eagles are amazing! How far they can see, how good they hear. They’re just awesome. I’m doing eyesight for my project. I already know what I’m doing! See you later!


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