How Does A Bald Eagle Stay Warm In Sub Zero Temperatures?

This morning before class I was checking the camera feed and the project wiki page preparing for class when I noticed one of the eagles in the nest. I typically don’t see the eagle in the morning so this was a nice surprise.

Watching the eagle I could not help but think about whether or not the eagle actually feels cold in this weather?

1.31.13 weather


With wind chill it is currently -9 degrees F. That is cold my friends. I was freezing just walking to my car this morning. I don’t have to sit out in the weather all day 80 feet off the ground with 30 mph winds.



Obviously the first thing is to get all the snow melted/removed from inside the nest. Right? However, how does the eagle stay warm? That is what I want YOU to figure out. Leave a post, email me, or students leave a comment in Edmodo. I will compile your research and share on the blog. I honestly don’t know, but why not the masses of all you wonderful students to find the answer. I await your sharing of knowledge.

Last, here is a little stick biting action.

1.31.13 stick moving


Have a great day!

Mr. Maurer



  1. Their feathers act as insulation in the winter….Same for ducks…they swim in freezing cold weather and don’t freeze. The down in the feathers keep them warm. That’s why we LOVE down comfortors! Light weight, but warm!

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