Month: February 2013

She sleeps…

It’s 8:45 est.  The wind has calmed a bit…and she sleeps.


Brutal Wind!

My students and co-workers following the eagles are all a bit worried over the brutal winds that are wreaking havoc! I watched last night as Liberty seemed to have a hard time settling down for the night.  Seemed she just could not get comfortable. It was late up into the night before she finally settled down for some sleep. She wakes around 6:30 a.m. eastern standard time and calls to Justice who immediately comes to relieve her. He’s is quite funny in that he’s continuously bringing new sticks to the nest, fixing and making things more secure. Sometimes it’s as if he aggravates her a little because she will peck at his feet as if thinking…”Don’t you have some fishing to go do or something”? They each really do have their own personality. I can’t stop watching. Very cool, I say.

Liberty and Justice Bald Eagle Nest – Intruder Alert



Yesterday was some action packed scenes in the nest. I had the cam going throughout the afternoon and there was a time period where the eagles appeared to be not too happy. There was a lot of screeching and at one point you can actually see another bird perch on a tree nearby. This put them in a bit of what appeared to be a protective state of mind.

Above are some images from yesterday.

Below is a link to some video footage I was able to capture so you can hear them screech and move about. I hope you enjoy following Liberty and Justice as much as I have as along with the students. It has been one exciting learning experience so far.

Here is the video link –

Bald Eagle Eating Fish In Nest

On Monday I was able to watch one of the eagles(not sure if Liberty or Justice) eat a pretty nice sized fish.

I was not able to capture any audio, but you can watch the process of eating.

Give a few seconds. I was scrambling to find a way to record the screen at school without my own computer. I quickly have to get on Google Hangout. It is not perfect video quality due to the way I recorded, but you can still see the cool eating process.

Here are two other links that I have shared before. This one is Liberty and Justice sharing egg duties. This one has audio

This one was the first time I heard the eagle communicate back and forth.

Liberty and Justice – 2 Eggs

I have been having some problems getting my posts to show up on the blog. This morning I finally was able to get things figure out. Here is a catch up blog post.

2.10.13 Sunday night around 6 pm the world was given another great surprise as Liberty and Justice brought us another egg. That brings us up to two eggs in the nest.

The eggs are about 4 days apart. Eagles will produce anywhere from 1-3 eggs so there is still a chance of one more egg, but no more after that.

Last night I took a picture around 10 pm showing how the eagles were burying their faces to stay warm and trying to get some sleep. They are not nocturnal so sleep at night is a must just like us humans. I don’t know how they sleep in this wind. The wind has been crazy lately with the nest swaying all over the place.

Sunday also brought us a ton of rain. The eagles were soaking wet and had to endure the rain and wind all day.

As the day went on the camera was blurry from rain so it was hard to track the eagles for a few hours.

Monday, 2.11.13 I was finally able to see both eggs. How exciting! This is just too cool and these eagles are slowly taking over all my free time!
The wind is giving them a bad hair day!


Here they are exchanging egg warming duties. It is always a quick transition. One flies in, they do a little shifting around and off they go their separate ways doing whatever it is eagles do when they don’t sit on the eggs.



Liberty and Justice Sharing Egg Duties 2.9.13

Here is a few more clips from Saturday, 2.9.13. I was able to capture the eagles sharing egg duties. What I like to note from this video is when they walk down to sit on the egg. When they do this you really get a sense of how deep the nest is as they have to walk very careful as they make their way into the 5 foot deep nest.

As posted on the ALCOA Bald Eagle page:

No Parent, Not To Worry

If you tune in from time to time and see the egg unattended, you really don’t need to worry. As the second and hopefully third egg are laid, Liberty and Justice will spend less and less time off the eggs. It seems they give the first egg or two a little more cooling time to try to get the hatchings to happen a little closer to the same time. Even when the eggs are unattended, at least one of the parents is never too far away from the nest. Be patient, the average incubation is about  35 days. I think last year it was 36 or 37 days before the first egg hatched.

A few people have asked about zooming in. This camera is zoomed out as far as it will go. When the eggs hatch we may zoom in a bit to make it easier to see the little ones for the first few days.