Brutal Wind!

My students and co-workers following the eagles are all a bit worried over the brutal winds that are wreaking havoc! I watched last night as Liberty seemed to have a hard time settling down for the night.  Seemed she just could not get comfortable. It was late up into the night before she finally settled down for some sleep. She wakes around 6:30 a.m. eastern standard time and calls to Justice who immediately comes to relieve her. He’s is quite funny in that he’s continuously bringing new sticks to the nest, fixing and making things more secure. Sometimes it’s as if he aggravates her a little because she will peck at his feet as if thinking…”Don’t you have some fishing to go do or something”? They each really do have their own personality. I can’t stop watching. Very cool, I say.



  1. I agree! The wind has been rough here in Iowa and I cannot imagine the wind when being up in the air 80+ feet. I snagged some small footage today of them moving the sticks around. It seems like the nest building and comfort of the grass never ends. Today they seem to be more “uncomfortable” if that is the right word. They are always moving and adjusting.

  2. It looks as if maybe, and hopefully the wind has calmed a bit now at 6:45 est. This afternoon around 1:30, they were really being tossed all around. I kept telling myself, alright, breathe! As for Justice, one time before the eggs were laid, Liberty was hanging out in the nest. Justice flew in with this monstrosity of a stick. Truth said, it was more like a tree limb. He was trying to place it just right, but inadvertently kept poking Liberty. She finally grabbed it and gave a little tug. He turned and looked at her. They pecked at each other for a sec, and then he proceeded to work that limb. At which point, she just let him do his thing.

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