Updates with Bald Eagle Project

The students in Bettendorf School District are putting the final touches to their independent study projects. Each of the 30 students have focused on one narrow aspect of bald eagles and investigated that subject matter to become an expert. On March 18th, these students will be putting on a showcase night engaging the community with their learning. We have some amazing things planned.

Here is a very brief outline of the night. Specific details, agenda, and flyer will be shared soon.

5:00 – 5:30 – Dave Murcia from the Wapsi will be doing a presentation on owls and raptors. He will have some owls with him to showcase and talk about their features and life. The overall ideas connect to the bald eagles as they have many similar features.

5:30 – 7:00 – We will open up the exhibits for the community to check out and explore. Students will be at their stations ready to present and answer any questions. It is during this time that people will be working their way through the scavenger hunt to find all the answers for the Bald Eagle Scavenger Hunt.

During this time we will have a few artists leading people through a zentangle art activity relating to the bald eagle feathers. We will also have a professional wildlife painter painting a bald eagle painting. We hope to have a few other experts available as well.

7:00 – Time of the showcase ends. We clean up and call it a day!

We hope to also showcase all the Voicethread projects on computers for the community to check out. Addtionally, we will be broadcatsing a professional photographer photos on display which are stunning. We met up with him earlier in the week and you can listen to his stories here.

Lastly, we will have the bald eagle camera projected on a huge screen. Hopefully, the eaglets will have hatched and doing well.

As we prepare for this night we are currently designing a scavenger hunt and a few other things. We are busy, scrambling to make ends meet, and not sleeping much. However, it will be a great night showcasing some amazing things created by students.


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