Bald Eagle Project – Classroom Work From Around the World

In case you have not had time to check out the wiki, Theresa Trevino and her class in Houston, Texas are doing amazing things in their school. They just uploaded a ton of podcasts that the students have created. Check them out and give them a listen.

Donna Roman and her students in Geneva, Illinois are doing amazing things as well. You have to check out the pictures of the students and their displays. I love the window idea. I just wish I had windows to decorate like that!

 Very cool! This is what global collaboration is all about. It is fun to talk and connect with other schools while working on the project, but what I love even more is how teachers take an idea and make it their own. So many cool things happening in all the classrooms. I just love it!
Check out the work and pictures here –
Remember, if you are doing something cool, then please post it on the wiki for others to see.
Thanks to Donna and Theresa for sharing the amazing things happening in their schools

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