So close to an eaglet!


The egg was moving and I swear I heard peeping!


I have been watching all day. Literally all day waiting for the moment. I better not miss it after devoting this entire day!


Ava and I have been ready at the helm for the new one to arrive. We are getting close.


One comment

  1. This is so darn exciting! I have never witnessed the first moments of a hatch before. Mom sure is acting like she knows there is a pip. She keeps looking and moving. Is this common for the parent to really increase egg rolling to help the eaglet hatch? Also, the parent is rolling her body back and forth so much and shifting angles, I am assuming to help that. It made me think of the song, “Proud Mary” (appropriate since Davenport is on the Mississippi) and my husband grew up there! Rollin’ rollin’, rollin’ down the river….

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