Eagle Eye to the World Global Project is Underway #alcoaeaglecam


It has been a long time since I have posted to the blog.

My apologies.

We are underway with the second dose of this global project where we will be focusing on Liberty and Justice from the ALCOA eagle cam and nest.

This year we currently have classrooms from Singapore, St. Louis, MO, Jacksonville, FL, and Geneva, IL. We still have plenty of room for other classes if you want to join us.

Right now as I write this students and teachers are introducing one another on a platform called Edmodo. This week we will begin to talk across time zones and form connections.

While this is going on we will be watching and observing the nest as the egg laying season is upon us. It has been quite cold here in the Midwest, but the cold does not seem to bother them. We have had a record number of eagles in the area due to the freezing weather and eagles needing open water for food.

This blog will be much more active from here on out. I have hopes of guest bloggers, student bloggers, and teacher bloggers.

If you want to know more please check out our wiki: http://eagleeyeproject2.wikispaces.com/

Here is a link to the ALCOA page


Join the chat on twitter #alcoaeaglecam

We are currently seeking out experts on eagles or people who love to follow the cameras. I am working on a podcast series focused on eagles and the people who follow their journey.

We are also seeking out other people connected to education and potential projects. Let me know if interested.


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