Is the eagle nest ready for an egg?

There has been a ton of activity going on in the nest lately. For those of you who are not in the local area we had around six inches of snow yesterday fall upon us making the nest once again full of snow. Liberty was in the nest for about 30 minutes yesterday and had many of us thinking that perhaps she was laying an egg


Last year the first egg was laid on Feb. 7th so we are getting very close. Being so close to the first egg being laid had me going back to revisit the journey from last year which I am so grateful we capture on our school project page last year.

This year we have a new wiki We would love to have as many people as we can help us keep track of the journey with pictures, posts, and info. I want the wiki to be a crowd-sourced site of the eagles so future classes can compare the journey year after year. So many already share on various threads, but this one I want to be for educational purposes. So this is my plug for all of you eagle watchers to consider joining the wiki and helping make this a wonderful educational source.

Now, back to the eagle talk. If you have been watching the nest the last few days there has been a lot of activity with juvies. They are hard to identify, but some of them we wonder if they were from the nest last year. Some juvies seem to have more acceptance than others. I really have no idea if Liberty and Justice can identify their own offspring or not. This might be something to research a bit more.

Yesterday some eagle watchers snapped these images



1026187_10201256527150969_1273984225_o   1801209_10201256526750959_1207640841_o

The eagles are working hard to keep the nest “warm” or at least getting prepared for the eggs. The snow and cold do not help.

This morning the nest has been empty. I have had a chance to keep the camera up. It is cold here. Driving to work today it was -10 F and feels like -29 F with windchill. Not an ideal setting. You can hear the wind blowing when watching the camera. I honestly don’t know how they keep warm as I always feel cold with my heated house, coats, gloves, and hats.


Until the next post, keep watching and sharing. If anyone ever wants to guest blog post please just reach out to me and I will feature here on the blog. I would love to have a group of bloggers here on the site. It won’t be long until students are blogging, but right now we are all getting connected online with our Education platforms and introducing one another.

Take care


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  1. Hello everyone! I usually comment on the Alcoa comment page and thought I would drop in here and see what is going on. I like this page very much. We are all watching the nest with anticipation of the eggs that should be laid soon. We noticed that Liberty likes to sit in the nest bowl more and more with her visits…it is like she wants to see if it fits just right. I hope she and Justice can find some nice straw to cushion and insulate the eggs. With all the snow around, straw may be hard to find, but Justice will find a way to get it. He is a good provider.

    We have no idea when the eggs will come…but we think it will be soon. Maybe within the next week. Liberty and Justice should start shedding a few feathers to expose their brood patches a few days before eggs are laid. Both parents develop brood patches because both incubate the eggs. You might notice hints of a brood patch with a full frontal view. It is visible when they spread their feathers…so keep a look out! A brood patch is where the skin is bare and the blood veins are close to the skin to keep the eggs warm. It is located in the front and just below the upper chest area. When the parent settles on the nest to keep the eggs warm, you can see them shimmy a little bit to get the brood patch over the eggs just right.

    I have learned a lot from watching Liberty and Justice. I love they way they take good care of each other and their eaglets. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do. Happy viewing!

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