Busy Day Around The Nest, Not In The Nest

Today I was able to keep the camera up and running and from time to time able to check in on the cameras. There was once again not much going on in the morning as usual when I have little breaks to watch.

This afternoon there were all sorts of action and various eagles. Earlier there was a juvie hanging out on a branch outside of the nest for a long time. Eventually an eagle came to the nest(I was not able to identify it) but the juvie was not much of an issue. Actually, the eagle in the lower left is not really a juvie, but more of a sub adult or almost adult as the white feathers have formed on the head more than a juvie.

Later in the day around 1:30 another juvie came onto the scene and not much after that either Liberty or Justice returned to the nest.

As always there is a lot of eagle flight all over the area and a lot of chatter among them all.

2.7.14 2.7.14 - 2 2.7.14 - 3 2.7.14 -4 2.7.14 -5


I am working on some things to share soon. I hope to have some Google Earth tours for the classrooms to help students(we have them as young as first grade) know where we are located. I am also planning on trying to get down to Lock and Dam 13 this weekend to test out my Google Glass and find some eagles to share.

As I type this up at 1:40 there is a ton of eagle screeching going on. So cool to hear them!

Last, if you have questions or want to know more please reach out. I may not have all the answers, but there are plenty of amazing people helping me find answers.

And last little announcement, I will be bringing some podcast episodes to the project next week. Let me know what you would like covered. I have John Riches coming in next Thursday to record an episode. John Riches is the Community Relations Manager for ALCOA and none of this would be happening without his help and support to helping me write the grant and offer guidance as needed. He is awesome.

If you have a question(s) that you would like to me to ask him fill out the form below.

Eagle Question https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IwK6acuE70uGDEppp8V3meZakAxNyMHlC5Dnt3rtJDg/viewform

Take care. Right now it is 0 degrees with windchill and we are expected to get 1-2 more inches of snow tomorrow.


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