Eagle Searching

Saturday morning when we were getting another nice batch of snow, I took two of my kids with me to go search for eagles. We headed down to the river and made a first stop at Credit Island where we have success time and time again. Our second stop was by the casino on our way to Lock and Dam 15. Finally, we stopped at the lock and dam.

We had great success. I tested out my Google Glass and also brought along my iPad. This trip made me wish I had a high power camera for greater shots, but in the end it all worked out.

We easily spotted well over 25 eagles despite not a lot of open water. I made a short video compiling images and video from the 3 hour journey. I hope you enjoy and we are heading out next weekend to some different spots. It will be any day now before we have an egg from Liberty and Justice. Still a lot of action around the nest so keep those computer running and share any great shots you capture.

Please don’t forget…..

A little announcement, I will be bringing some podcast episodes to the project next week. Let me know what you would like covered. I have John Riches coming in next Thursday to record an episode. John Riches is the Community Relations Manager for ALCOA and none of this would be happening without his help and support to helping me write the grant and offer guidance as needed. He is awesome.

If you have a question(s) that you would like to me to ask him fill out the form below.

Eagle Question https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IwK6acuE70uGDEppp8V3meZakAxNyMHlC5Dnt3rtJDg/viewform


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