Snow Melting In The Nest

Today the weather has turned up a bit and brought a heat wave!


After receiving six inches of snow yesterday and having some unusual Thundersnow storms come through the heat is melting the snow out of the nest.

This is good to see snow no longer in the nest, but it leaves another mess – PUDDLES

I capture the video just to give you a sense of the water in the nest. We will have to watch to see how they handle this situation.

Over on Edmodo, students are voting about when they think the first egg will be laid and how many. We still have a lot of students yet to vote, but here are the current results as well as how many eggs will be laid.

poll2 poll1

Last, I have reached out to some experts for upcoming podcast episodes.

And I working to backfill our calendar of nest images and details. If you have a good image or good information to share for any of these days please feel free to join the wiki and help out. I will be going back to the forums and online communication channels to fill in the spots.

Until next time…..


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