Liberty lays first egg on 2.23.14

Finally, after waiting and waiting we have our first egg!

I am so excited. I know there was some nervous people worried about Liberty and Justice possibly nesting elsewhere and so many intruders in the nest as of late that we just were not sure what we were going to get.

Then last night Liberty settled in and laid the first egg of the season

Even better Eaglewhisperer18 actually captured it on video. It happened around 6:20-6:25 PM CST


I missed the event by about 20 minutes. I was wrapping up homework with my son and when we checked we saw all the excitement.

Last night everyone shared the first glimpse


This morning an awesome eagle watcher, Mavis, shared this image of the egg when Liberty and Justice swapped egg warming duties.





It is official!

Now we wait to see if another egg will show up over the next few days. For those that are new there will always be Liberty or Justice in the nest. I will post about the brood patch as well as try to answer or find answers to any questions that you have.

As always, we are keeping a running log on our project page so if you get any good shots let me know or add them yourself –

As always I give much thanks to all the eagle watchers and groups that help me stay current with the events of the nest. There is a wonderful community that really reaches out helps me quite a bit.


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