Straw, lots of straw, cold temps, and a ton of Eagle Watchers

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.39.29 AM

After all the excitement of the first egg being laid it is sometimes tough to keep the excitement going. I know we are now in a waiting game to see if another egg will emerge. While we wait many things have developed in the journey of Liberty and Justice.

First, for those that don’t follow all the eagle nests around the world, there were many nests that laid eggs on the same day including the eagles in Decorah, Iowa. It was a busy day to say the least!

As students will notice along with many who are new to the camera Liberty and Justice are amazing parents. They know what they are doing. I know at times our human brain and emotions kick in and we feel bad for the egg or the eagles, but trust me or even more importantly trust Liberty and Justice that they know what to do.

Things that you will start to see if that they will take turns keeping the egg warm. They will rotate the egg every hour or so. There is a reason for this, but I don’t want to ruin all the research and team explorations of the students who begin their online team collaboration later this week. When we raised quail last year we learned the importance of egg rotation

Students and others have expressed concern with the fact that Liberty and Justice leave the egg exposed to the cold or possibly predators. Liberty and Justice are always near the nest. We may not see them, but trust that they are around. There is also a reason for this to happen. They are attempting to cool the egg in hopes that it will slow the egg development. By doing this the eggs will hatch closer to the same date. If the eaglets hatch too many days apart the younger ones have a real hard time staying alive. They grow and develop so fast and it is survival of the fittest. Don’t panic, they are just trying to make sure all their eaglets have a chance to reach adulthood.

I will be recording a podcast this week about the egg process. I hope to share some insight into the egg development. If you have questions let me know and I will be sure to answer them on the podcast.

Many still want to know how to decipher Liberty from Justice. I posted earlier on this blog on this topic, but the easiest way to determine who is who is that Liberty has a black spot on her white feathers. Justice has a smaller head but it is hard to see that at times. The females eagles are bigger than males so when together you can determine them much easier.

Some of you may have noticed a massive amount of straw in the nest. After the nest looking so bare A bale of straw is being delivered to Alcoa. Some straw was left by the nest and L and J discovered it and now so many people are quite happy. It has been a very cold and difficult winter. Today we are back in below zero temps once again so the straw is quite helpful for the egg. You can check out project page to see the nest prior to the 25th to see the difference in the straw. We have another snow storm moving in this weekend where we could get up to six inches of snow. We are so over this snow and cold!

In regards to our global education project I posted to many forums for eagle watchers to mark the location. You are all amazing and I thank you for taking time to stamp the map. Our students are now able to see their audience for their work as well as how amazing the camera has impacted people from all over. THANK YOU to all who took time. Your support of the students and the project is not going unnoticed and only makes the whole community stronger.

I have added a new map to our education project. I think it would be awesome to have showing where all eagle watchers are located. If you can please add your location so students can see how far reaching this camera has become.

Students will begin their research next week so we will start to slowly share out some work. Teachers are getting some cool things accomplished in their classrooms and we hope to share those out soon on the wiki as well.

Lastly, if anyone ever wants to guest post on this blog just get a hold of me. I would love to have other voices on this blog as things progress.

Alright, back to eagle watching and staying warm.


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