Liberty delivers egg #2 of 2014 on 2.27.14

Another egg is now in the nest. In case you missed we have amazing people on watch 24/7 to grab all we need!

Once again eaglewhisperer18 captures Liberty in action. I just love these videos as I did not get to see any of this last year.



This image was snagged by an avid eagle watcher Carolyn.

Will we be blessed with a third egg? The third egg is not common, but we did have three eggs a few years back. Now they will work hard to keep those eggs warm. We have had cold temperature here in Iowa in the below zero range when you include windchill. We are expected to get more snow, but not as much as expected. Saturday they are thinking an inch or less, but more as night settles. I have hope that the weather will be nice for our eagles(fingers crossed). The good thing is that Liberty and Justice and all the other eagles have endured worse this winter so this won’t seem like such a big deal to them.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 6.15.40 AM


Continue to watch the nest. There seems to be much more activity around the nest than previous years(this is my personal opinion so don’t take it as fact). On 2.26.14 there was all sorts of excitement as juvies decided to be a bit of a pain. They kept flying by creating a ruckus. Liberty was not happy at all and was screeching like crazy. I was I had my recording equipment to screencast, but I did not. Next time. I did however snag one shot of a juvie flying by on my phone.



We will have to watch the nest this weekend and see how they do with the snow, wind, and cold.

Until next time……


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