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Bald Eagle Project – An Eagle Eye To The World is Off and Running

Eagle Eye horiz graphic

A project that a few Bettendorf teachers and former students created over the summer is underway. As of right now I am running and operating the global project. We are now up to 5 schools participating which is pretty good for the first year of doing this project. We will be using the Alcoa Bald Eagle Camera to drive learning and enhancements of 21st century skills.

You can see the project page here –

Right now students and teachers are in the handshake phase getting to know one another through the use of Edmodo. We are having a great time learning how to use this site and to establish some relationships. Already we have been able to see the eagles the last few days. It is very cool. The wiki project page has a lot to offer so be sure to check out all the pages. The school from the Netherlands has created a book in both English and Dutch on the artwork page.

You may not be a participant in one of the classes, but that does not mean you cannot join in the fun. You are always welcome to follow along, create artwork or projects, and join us on this expedition.

It is off to a great start and I look forward to seeing how things develop. Teachers and students are all learning at the same time and shouldn’t school be about everyone learning and growing? I think so.

If you have questions, suggestions, or any great ideas please let me know. Until then, check the camera, watch the eagles, and watch our learning grow along the way.


5th Grade Prepares Start of Bald Eagle Studies

Today in class we began our exploration into bald eagles. Well, we are in the realm. We are going to experiment with the daunting task of raising quail. We cannot raise eagle eggs so this is the next best thing. To start we are working with 29 eggs that the teachers will be trying to raise along with student support. The goal will be to raise and nurture the quail to the point of them laying eggs come spring when the students will be in charge of everything.

In the meantime students today brainstormed all the questions that we need to investigate. We have a huge list that will only grow. These questions will be shared soon. Through our investigation of our questions about quail we will begin to transform one of the school courtyards into a habitat for quail. This is project based learning at its very finest.

Students are going to be in charge of everything. I plan to post the whole project online soon(whenever I actually have some free time). This is going to be an amazing journey for all of us.

Last, as we build and prepare and test things out our goal is to get a camera up and running that will stream the entire process online. More details on this to follow as well.

The excitement is brewing. We have so many possibilities it is going to be tough to get it all done. As for now we are going to do our best to raise some of the finest quail here in Iowa!

Stay tuned for more information!

Don’t forget to check out the wiki(in sidebar) and sign up for our online project starting in January.

Vote For Favorite Bald Eagle Artwork For Project Artwork

Thanks to Pat and Emma who devoted some of their free time creating some amazing artwork for some possible logos for the Alcoa – An Eagle Eye To The World online collaboration project. This project is really getting underway even though we don’t start until January.
Below are three bald eagle pieces of artwork. Check them out and please vote for your favorite image that you think we should use as the project logo. The one with the most votes will be the one we use on the wiki, web, blog, newsletters, etc. We appreciate you taking time to vote.
As always, please consider joining us for this soon to be amazing project. My class is going to be doing some amazing things on top of the online component that you will not want to miss. These details will be coming out soon as soon as we verify a few things. This might be the biggest project I have tackled in my teaching, but also the coolest thing ever!
So, check the artwork and vote using the poll below the artwork. Spread the word like eagles spread their wings.

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Option #2

Option #3